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Krl McManus Fooundation Community Lottery

The Community Lottery is a self-help scheme for not-for-profit organisations such as the Karl McManus Foundation.

Tickets are $2 each and Karl McManus Foundation retain 100% of all proceeds which they generate through the sale of both paper and online tickets.

People’s Choice and their partners meet all the costs associated with prizes, promotional material, advertising, printing of tickets, and coordinate all administrative essentials such as distribution, licensing, and statutory requirements - leaving participating organisations clear of any cost.

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    • 150 prizes worth a total of $360,000


Fund raising is at the forefront of the KMF’s activities.  The Foundation aims to raise funds for urgently-needed research into borreliosis (also known as Lyme disease, Lyme-like disease, Lyme borreliosis or relapsing fever), and to raise awareness of borreliosis and tick-borne diseases in Australia.    As more people join in and become motivated by their personal and family experience, more fund raising events are being planned.   We invite you to join us as we work to raise awareness and gain recognition of borreliosis in Australia.  

Below are some of the ways in which you can help:

National Campaign: National Lyme Disease Appeal

Launched in September 2011, this is a continuous campaign run through donation tins in pharmacies throughout Australia.  

Information brochures on tick-borne diseases are also provided.  
Donation tins and brochures are available for local fundraising - please contact KMF.

 KMF Fundraising - Drop Tin

Lyme Gladiolus Day

16 September each year is now Lyme Gladiolus Day.  

The gladiolus is the favoured flower of Dame Edna Everage, whose creator, Barry Humphries, is a patron of the KMF. 
Gladiolus pins, badges and pens can be purchased from the KMF online, and gladiolus kits can also be purchased for fund raising in your community.
All proceeds from Lyme Gladiolus Day and sales of gladiolus items fund essential research to identify the causative agent of Lyme-like disease in Australia and to contribute to better understanding of borreliois and co-infections.

    KMF Fundraising - Gladioli Day

Create a Local Event

Be inspired and run a local event to raise awareness and raise funds for vital research into borreliosis and other tick-borne diseases. This could be at a school fete, a lime t-shirt day at your school or office, lime coloured cup cake stalls, pot plant sales, trivia nights and more.  
See below: 

Lyme Gala Dinners

Organise an evening of glamorous fun and an opportunity to mingle with key community personalities, researchers, clinicians and more.  Each state in Australia can initiate a gala dinner by inviting the state governor, politicians and key personalities in the local community. The KMF is happy to support each initiative and provide guidance in planning. Or, if you’re unable to organise a dinner, you can still attend your local gala dinner as a guest! 

An evening event, usually once a year, in participating states.

The Melbourne Gala Dinner, Brighton, Victoria (14 Nov 2013) was the first held.

The Sydney Lyme Gala Ball will be held in November 2014 - Contact KMF for more information.

      KMF Fundraising - Gala Dinners

Lyme Awareness Day at your Workplace or School

It can be any day but especially on Lyme Gladiolus day on 16 September. A great reason to sell the wonderful Gladiolus merchandise and to spread the word or even dress up as Dame Edna, our patron. Run raffles; dress up in lime gear and sell (and eat!) lime coloured cupcakes and cordial; or grab your local sports team or a local celebrity to raise awareness.

Wendy and friends from Beverly, WA held a fantastic 14 September, informing and inspiring many of the locals. 

Congratulations to Lindy Fry-Mitchell (diversional therapist) and Leah Tedman who held a Lyme Awareness Day at New Auckland Place Care Facility, Mackay, QLD in September 2013.  Much activity, fun and education.


Bunnings BBQs

Come along and lend a hand in creating a fun sausage sizzle for hungry Bunnings customers and to share information about borreliosis and tick-borne illness. Contact the KMF if you require help in applying for a BBQ allocation at your local Bunnings. Sausage sizzles can be held on any weekend, approximately once a year, and usually require a 3 - 4 hour shift between 8am-5pm.



Community Festivals - Lyme Stall

Set up a stall at your local community festival.  It’s a great opportunity to interact with the public to answer questions and to give proper instruction on tick removal and tick bite prevention.  Saturdays or Sundays and usually once a year.  See below:

Festival on the Green, St Ives, Sydney 

Dog Day by the Bay, Pittwater, Sydney

Bellingen Festival, Bellingen, NSW  

School Fetes - Lyme Stall

Have a stall at your school fete with information brochures, lime balloons, lime cupcakes, raffles and more.


Film screenings - "Under Our Skin: The Untold Story of Lyme Disease"

Host an informative movie night. 
Contact KMF if you would like to arrange a screening of the film, “Under Our Skin“ directed by Andy Abrahams Wilson.  This is a 2008 documentary about Lyme disease, focusing on the controversy surrounding "chronic Lyme disease", a controversial and unrecognized diagnosis.

Congratulations to the dedicated Byron Bay group who put on a splendid educational evening.


Trivia Nights and Wine Tastings

Host a Trivia night with a lime coloured theme and raffles through your social, school, church, sporting or community.






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Growing evidence of an emerging tick-borne disease that causes a Lyme like illness for many Australian patients

On 12 November 2015, the Senate referred the following matter to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report:

The growing evidence of an emerging tick-borne disease that causes a Lyme‑like illness for many Australian patients.

Submissions should be received by 31 March 2016. The reporting date is 20 June 2016.
Nov 17, 2015

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